Digital Empowerment for Coaches

Building Your Online Business

Are you a coach or an entrepreneur with a vision and passion to help others achieve their goals, yet feeling overwhelmed by the thought of building your own coaching business from scratch? Say hello to "Digital Empowerment for Coaches: Building Your Online Business" - the tailored program designed to turn your vision into a thriving reality.

Master the Essentials of Digital Success for Your Coaching Business

This comprehensive service aims to equip you with the essentials of a strong online presence for your coaching business. Leveraging my expertise in branding, web design, and marketing, I'm here to guide you through the process of building a professional and impactful online presence that attracts your ideal clients and accelerates your business growth.

8 Weeks One-on-One Coaching Sessions:

These personal coaching sessions spread over 8 weeks form the heart of this program. In these sessions, we will dive deep into your business vision, identify the unique attributes of your brand, and outline an actionable strategy to help you establish a robust digital presence.

3 Months of Business Coaching & Design Support

Under this feature, I will provide you with a comprehensive 3-month business coaching and design support service. During this time, I will guide you through the essential steps of growing your business, along with providing design assistance to make sure your brand genuinely stands out. We will discuss your digital content creation needs, branding, marketing strategies, and any other aspects related to your business.

Guided Journey with Me

Throughout this program, I'll provide you with expert guidance in:

  • Brand Building: I will guide you in crafting your unique brand identity that speaks to your target audience. Together, we will discover and define the essence of your brand.
  • Social Media Optimization: I will coach you on setting up and optimizing your social media platforms for maximum reach and engagement. I'll share tips and strategies to attract and retain your audience.
  • Video Editing & YouTube Channel Creation: I'll teach you the basics of professional video editing for effective communication and guide you through the process of setting up your own YouTube channel.
  • Portfolio Website Design: You will learn how to design a professional, user-friendly portfolio website that truly resonates with your brand ethos.
  • Website Funnel Implementation: I'll guide you in developing strategic website funnels that convert visitors into loyal clients. With my guidance, you will learn how to create efficient and effective funnels.
  • Marketing Email Templates: I'll share my best practices for creating effective marketing email templates, helping you to enhance your engagement rates.
  • Custom Video Intro Production: Learn from me how to produce eye-catching video intros that make your brand memorable and engaging to your audience.

These guided sessions are designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to manage and grow your coaching business independently, while I provide support, feedback, and expert insights.

Canva Mastery Course

As part of this program, you will also receive access to my exclusive Canva Mastery Course. This course will empower you with the skills to use Canva like a pro, enabling you to create stunning visuals that will elevate your brand's digital presence.

What You Will Learn

8 Weeks Live One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Week 1: Canva Overview & Basics

Introduction to Canva's interface. Learn how to navigate through the platform, set up your designs, and understand basic design tools.

Week 5: Creating Social Media Graphics

Design engaging social media posts tailored to various platforms. Understand size specifications, effective visual strategies, and how to use Canva's elements to create eye-catching posts.

Week 2: Exploring Templates & Elements

Discover how to utilize Canva's vast library of templates to suit your design needs. Learn to customize elements to make each template your own.

Week 6: Designing Marketing Materials

Create professional marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, and business cards. Learn the principles of design that appeal to your target audience.

Week 3: Advanced Design Tools

Uncover Canva's more complex tools and how to apply them to your designs. This includes working with layers, using the color palette effectively, and incorporating various shapes and lines.

Week 7: Building Engaging Presentations

Learn to create dynamic presentations that keep your audience engaged. Discover how to use transitions, animations, and other interactive features in Canva.

Week 4: Typography and Branding

Understand how to use text and typography effectively in your designs. Learn to create a consistent brand aesthetic using fonts and colors.

Week 8: Review and Showcase

Review the techniques learned throughout the course and showcase your designs. Get personalized feedback and tips on how to further improve your work.

During these live sessions, you'll not only learn, but also apply the concepts in real-time, creating your own unique designs under my guidance.
At the end of these eight weeks, you will be well-versed in using Canva and will have a portfolio of designs showcasing your newfound skills.


Bonus #1

Social Media Essential Training

Master the art of community building and content planning with my essential Social Media Training! Learn how to create engaging pages and groups that foster interaction and brand loyalty. I'll guide you through scheduling posts for optimal engagement, crafting compelling reels and stories, and using these tools effectively across different platforms. Harness the power of strategic content management and start fostering vibrant online communities today!

Bonus #2

Better ME Private Facebook Community Group

Become part of a supportive community dedicated to personal and professional growth, share your progress, ask questions, and receive feedback.

What my Students Are Saying

Are You Ready To Unleash Your Design Potential?

If you're ready to take your coaching business to the next level, I am here to guide, support, and empower you. Let's lay a solid foundation for your future success together. Are you ready to start building your future coaching business with me? Contact me now to embark on this exciting journey!

Investment in Your Future Success

For a limited time, we're offering a special pricing to empower more coaches to build their thriving online businesses. Here's the investment breakdown for the "Transform Your Coaching Career" program:

Original Price: $2499

Limited Time Offer: $1199
(Save $1300!)

Alternatively, we understand that one-off payments might be challenging. To make this journey more accessible, we're also providing a flexible payment plan:

Payment Plan: 3 monthly payments of $400

This is an investment in your future, a stepping stone to building a thriving coaching business and carving out a powerful online presence. By enrolling in this program, you're paving the way to attract more of your ideal clients and accelerate your business growth.